What do we do.

Our main function, consists of complex welding and the fabrication of large and heavy duty steel constructions.
The work is carried out in purposed built workshops all with good lifting capabilities. We are able to
offer manufacturing facilities from gas / plasma cutting to blasting / spray painting.
The products we manufacture can be found in, for instance, forklift trucks, mining machines, various types
of controlling equipment, machines for power transformation and the forestry industry.

We will!

For example forming is carried out in an edge press machine with a force of 630 tons and a length of 6000 mm.
Welding can be performed both manually and with robotic automation. All welding is performed by qualified
trained welders.
Machine working is carried out in larger CNC operated mill boring machines. We have also got smaller CNC multi
operational machines and lathing machines.


Our biggest and the most important machinery are the following:

  • Blasting area with free-jet blasting including floor fittings and automatic filtering of the blast sand.   Capacity: Size 6*6 metres and height 8 metres
  •  2 spray paint ovens including heating.   Capacity: Size 6*10 metres and height 8 metres
• Motoman Gantry welding robot with a L-positioner, 5000 kg.  Working area: X=8 m, Y=4 m
• ESAB Working lenght 10 meter
  • 56 complete welding work stations with MILLER/KEMPPI welding equipment.
  • Many with double feed devices for heavy duty welding. Power up to 650 amp.
  • 4 driven welding positioners , with up to 5 tons load and to 6 metres in length capacity
  • TOS WHQ 13 CNC Working table surface X 3500, Y2000, Z 1250. 60 tools, Max load 12 tons
  • TOS WHQ 13.8 CNC Working table surface X 3500, Y2500, Z 1250. 60 tools, Max load 12 tons
  • Nicolas Correa Working table surface X 3000, Y 1100, Z 800. 25 tools, Max load 4 tons
  • Johnford VMC-1224 Working table surface X 1250, Y1000, Z 550. 10  tools
  • AMADA H-650-HD   Capacity: 500*400 mm
  • Pedrazzoil SN 350 AP-CN    Capacity: 225*180 mm
  • Roller bending machine   Capacity: Tmax=10 mm, L=2000 mm
• ALIKO 630   Capacity: 630 tons, L = 6000 mm
  • Messer multitherm 4000   Capacity:  12000*2500*50 mm
  • Hypertherm HPR400 plasma unit 400A
  • Chamfer plasmacutting capability up to 45 degree
  • Messer Com Cut with 3 burners  Capacity: 6000*2500*100 mm
  • Drumming of cut parts in a rotating holder
  • Equipment for joint preparation, mechanical together with gas cutting
  • Hydraulic presses for straightening of cut material